Labor, The Greens and Inner City Elites want to ban Australia Day

Australia Day is a day for all Australians to celebrate.

It's a day to celebrate our culture, our freedoms, and everything that makes this nation great.

Every year, millions of Aussies get together at concerts, barbecues and festivals to celebrate our national day.

Australia Day has been held on January 26 for as long as most can remember. It’s a day of unity, a day of pride and a day to celebrate being an Aussie.

But now it’s under threat.

Inner-city Labor-Greens councils are cancelling their Australia Day celebrations, and the Greens are even trying to rename it to ‘Invasion Day’ through the Senate.

Labor Leader Anthony Albanese’s own inner-city council has dropped Australia Day celebrations – and one of his biggest political allies and former staffer says it’s “the right thing to do.”

Now the leader of The Greens has threatened a ‘massive political campaign’ to scrap Australia Day.

Labor and The Greens think being an Aussie is politically incorrect…

If you’re proud to be an Australian…


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